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Modular data acquisition system
Kostech - Booth 7000

With no rack or frame, the fully modular data acquisition system on show by Kostech offers an unprecedented degree of flexibility in the setup of a measurement system. Both the base unit and measurement modules (amplifiers or conditioners) of the imc CRONOSflex have independent housings, and a robust click mechanism, enabling them to be either connected directly to one another or spatially distributed over a standard network cable, up to 100m (328ft) between individual modules. The imc CRONOSflex covers the entire frequency range of physical test and measurement requirements by providing up to 2 MSamples/s with channel rates up to 100 kSamples/s.

Booth 7000

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Future Show: Automotive Testing Expo Korea 2020, March 10-12, 2020, Hall 10, KINTEX, Seoul, Korea (provisional)