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High definition oscilloscopes
Teledyne LeCroy’s - Booth 7003

For debugging and troubleshooting automotive electronics, Teledyne LeCroy’s HDO and MDA series oscilloscopes are ideal. These high-definition oscilloscope product lines range from 200MHz to 1GHz bandwidth and utilize 12-bit HD4096 technology.

HDO-A oscilloscopes feature enhanced sample rate technology that automatically ensures optimal display of acquired waveforms to the instruments’ full rated bandwidth. MDA800A Motor Drive Analyzers, which are built on the HDO8000A platform, perform three-phase electrical and mechanical power calculations with unique static and dynamic power views, as well as complete control system validation.

Booth: 7003

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Future Show: Automotive Testing Expo Korea 2020, March 10-12, 2020, Hall 10, KINTEX, Seoul, Korea (provisional)